Wool item of higher quality and durability to be long lasting longer in order to perform in their second life.

Additionally wool is valuable fiber very suitable for the recycling process.

Cashmere wool is extremely soft light weight and very warm.

Merino wool is fine wool. its thinner, finer and softens than regular wool.

Wiper cutting from used clothes rags.

Feather with our bone (raches) and bone with (raches).


Ensure quality to focus inspection for quality product.

Being honest with our customer is our measure of a customer’s likeness to do repeat business with our company.

Credibility is the key factor, it means others look at you as a reliable source.

Customers trust – loyalty – Honesty – Service – Reliability – Credibility

For best grading needed to ensure quality to focus inspection, so highly trained expert inspectors to assure quality product